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LMS(D): Learn More on Snow Days

This winter, schools and districts across the country have been forced to close schools because of heavy snow and iceeven in places that typically see milder winters. A few weeks ago, schools across Dallas-Fort Worth were closed for three days due to snow. In Knox County, Tennessee, schools were “snowed out” for nine consecutive days. And Boston broke the 100-inch mark for snowfall. But thanks to education technology and the rise of the LMS, 21st century snow days aren’t like the snow days of old. In fact, many schools are continuing to hold classes even though students are stuck at home.

Snow Day

As K-12 classrooms are becoming more connected, schools and districts across the country are exploring new ways they can use virtual learning as a practical solution to unpredictable weather, effectively transforming the traditional snow day into a day of instruction.

Snow or no snow, students can log in to Canvas and complete daily lessons and assignments. Here are five ways you can use Canvas to make learning happen, regardless of weather:

  1. Make sure students know that on snow days, they should log in, check out the syllabus, and complete daily lesson and assignments.
  2. Host a discussion in Canvas about weather patterns, snow, and ice.
  3. Encourage students to post pictures of what they did in the snow (e.g., build snow forts, snowpeople, igloos or shovel their neighbors’ driveways).
  4. Tweet or text students to meet online to chat about today’s lesson or ask questions, like Knox County did.
  5. Send a video message to students with directions to complete an activity during the snow day.

Keep Learning,
Kasey Rasmussen
Director, K12 Sales