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Learning Anytime, Anywhere: Use Canvas and LearnMax for eLearning Days

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In today’s ever-connected digital world, learning is not an event—it is a state of being. Learning is ubiquitous, and students can consume information from an abundance of sources. Instructors who successfully leverage innovative methods for content delivery and consumption are realizing new benefits from digital learning.

Drive use of digital tools with eLearning days

Take the state of Indiana’s eLearning Day Program, for example. This movement began as an option when school was canceled due to inclement weather and has grown into an essential delivery method used by many of Indiana’s public schools.

According to Indiana Press Secretary Adam Baker, "Eighty percent of our districts are utilizing digital learning resources and 1:1 devices on a 'regular' school day already, so expanding learning opportunities away from brick and mortar was a great decision for our students and staff.”

More educators are realizing that integrating digital tools in their instruction allows students to learn and not be idle when classroom attendance isn’t an option.

Integrate online classes and video lessons with one tool

LearnMax (LMX) by Teknimedia is one such eLearning Day tool that is revolutionizing the K12 and post-secondary education landscape. Accessible on-demand from any device, LMX facilitates communication between teachers and their students by allowing them to conduct live instruction sessions. Teachers can record their live sessions and post them to the platform for students to view on demand. In the future, teachers will be able to edit the recordings of live sessions within LMX.

Additionally, teachers can use LMX to easily create video lessons from PowerPoint presentations, web cams, and screen shares – without having video editing expertise – and students can access the videos from the same platform. LMX encourages student engagement by allowing teachers to incorporate quiz questions in their videos. LMX also provides teachers with detailed reports on student video views and live session attendance.

With both live recording and video creation functionalities available under one umbrella, LMX lowers the learning curve inevitable with the introduction of a new digital tool. LMX also increases collaboration and efficiency because instructors can share videos with colleagues and post assignments for students within the same platform.

“One of the biggest benefits of using LearnMax is that all assets are stored in the Cloud,” says Sid Barati, COO, Teknimedia Corporation. “Students can access the platform on a variety of devices without installing software—they just sign in and go.”

Teknimedia partners with Canvas to deliver LMX to a broad audience, from the K12 market to post-secondary colleges and universities. As a plug-in, LearnMax integrates seamlessly with all features of the Canvas LMS.

For 20 years Teknimedia has been a leading provider of e-learning software for technology skills assessment, training, and certification. Its mission is to help individuals succeed in today's digital world by learning essential digital skills required in school and the workplace. Learn more about Teknimedia’s products, which are used by thousands of education and training organizations in the U.S and Canada.

Keep learning,

Ann Harris
Director of Marketing and Sales, Teknimedia Corporation