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InstructureCon Hits the (Long) Beach

We’ve loved catching up with clients and partners at our premier annual users’ event, InstructureCon. For three years, Keystone Resort in Colorado provided a breathtaking backdrop for all of the fun. Want to quick recap? Check this out: 

As you may have seen, plans have begun to move InstructureCon 2019 in a new direction. We’re hitting the beach! Long Beach, California that is. On July 9-11, 2019 all of the teaching, learning, and edtech fun will take place at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center near the Pacific Coast. Long Beach is one of the largest cities in Southern California with lots of things to do outside and inside. It’s also known as the “Aquatic Capital of America”.

Long Beach post card

Many people have asked me why we’re changing locales. In the spirit of transparency, here are three reasons:

1. Help more people

Because more people than ever are attending InstructureCon, we need to accommodate more of you and meet your needs, while also changing and growing ourselves. Long Beach offers a different atmosphere that allows us to keep our sense of community.

2. Do more things 

You’ll notice additions to InstructureCon’s awesome lineup with plenty of room for surprises. This approach is in line with our goal to take InstructureCons and CanvasCons across the country.

3. New options

InstructureCon 2019 will have a new session structure, including different learning tracks for educators of distinct backgrounds and work responsibilities.

Bottom line: Keep an open mind. No matter WHERE we host InstructureCon, it won’t ever change WHO WE ARE. We’re excited for Long Beach, and hope you will be too.

Keep learning,

Jacquelyn Burrell
Director of Events, Instructure