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      Instructure Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week 2022

      To all the teachers we know and love, thank you. 

      We know that the last two years have been challenging and that the value of your role in the classroom continues to grow with every year that passes. 

      To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week this year, our Instructure family has been active on social media to show teachers just how much they mean to us. We reflected on teachers who have inspired us and held giveaways as a token of our appreciation. 

      For every day of the week, we picked a theme and asked our employees and followers to join in the fun, using the hashtags #Instructure, #CanvasFam, and #TeacherAppreciationWeek along the way.

      Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from this last week on LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter.

      Monday: Instructure’s Beloved Educators

      We know the long term impact of a good teacher can shape students' both while they are in school and into adulthood. On Monday, we invited our Instructure family to share about their most beloved teachers whose love, support, and guidance led them to strive for their dreams into adulthood.

      Here are some of the responses we received.

      Our SVP of Marketing, Michelle Suzuki kicked things off by sharing the impact her 7th grade teacher Mrs. Koska had on her entire life:Next up that day, Summer Walters, our Senior Manager of Campaigns described Dr. Bryne, her strong, female English Literature teacher as a key person who instilled confidence in her from a young age.Eddie Small, Senior Manager of Advocacy, also shared the impact of his teacher, Mrs. Tague’s mentorship in preparing him for his career.

      Tuesday: My Favorite Teacher

      After hearing from our team, we invited our followers who make up our community on social media to the conversation on Tuesday.  

      We understand that teachers want to have their voices heard and to see the impact of their work. To honor favorite teachers' lasting impact, we invited our #CanvasFam to share who their favorite teachers were and why. We loved hearing the stories and showcasing the broad impact of teachers from all over.

      On LinkedIn, we heard from Tonitia Langley who shared about her teacher Ms. Susan Claybrook’s belief in her:

      @vivaciousgold tweeted about her favorite teacher, Mrs. Susan Hoxie, whose passion for gardening enriched her instruction.

      Wednesday: Sending Warm Hugs

      As the end of the school year inches closer by the day, we wanted to give educators some encouragement to keep pushing forward and close out the school year on a high note.

      To do this, we started off Wednesday by inviting our followers to encourage teachers with a virtual hug, high five, or compliment with the chance of winning a prize for any participants who tagged Instructure and used the hashtag #TeacherAppreciationWeek. 

      The winners, Cat Shoun (@MrsCatShoun), @Msanti3steban, and Melissa Heckman, (@MelHeckman_DLF) received a Canvascasters Prize Pack, a year long subscription to Calm, or a free course template from our Instructional Design team. A big thank you for sending fellow educators support and encouragement!

      Here’s what they tweeted:


      Thursday: School Spirit Day

      To highlight the real-time work teachers are doing in the classroom, on Thursday, we asked our followers to post pictures of teachers, students, or administrators having fun at school and offered a Canvas Certified Educator Scholarship for a lucky winner who participated in the conversation.

      We also published a blog article called, "Teachers Need Our Help. Here's 5 Things We Can Do."

      Friday: Thank You, From Instructure

      We closed out the week today by thanking our teachers again, but we know that one week is never enough time to fully express our gratitude and appreciation for teachers everywhere. 

      To our teachers, we thank you, we love you and we look forward to supporting you as you continue to lead and change the lives of future generations. 

      If you’re looking for more ways to support teachers year round, check out the blog articles we published this week, 3 Ways to Appreciate Teachers Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond