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      Innovations in Canvas UX

      Innovations in Canvas UX

      Students and teachers have a new way to get on the same page with Canvas’ To-Do List Dashboard, which we announced today at our InstructureCon session. The updated Dashboard helps students know what they need to do across their courses, identify missed opportunities, and arrange priorities in one place.

      To-Do List

      By the end of this summer, Teachers will have the same view of the Dashboard that will show students’ to-do lists across all of their courses. They can also add “to-dos” on their calendars and edit Assignments. Teachers can also add Announcements, Pages, and non-graded Discussions to students’ calendars. It makes for a clearer, more efficient process.

      Stay connected to the Canvas Community and social media channels for future production release notes and additions to the Dashboard.

      Keep Learning,

      Christie Wruck

      Senior Product Manager, Instructure