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Hybrid Learning Expands With Webex Education Connector in Learning Management Systems

The fall semester is being shaped as we speak.

In today’s education climate, educators, students, and families have shifted to hybrid and distance learning. This summer is a time of uncertainty as we reimagine what schools will look like in a semester like none before.

With this journey to hybrid learning, it’s critical for students and faculty to keep their passion for education alive, continue to interact, and leverage collaboration technology. Distance learning enables students to take classes anytime, participate anywhere, and reach countless educational resources. Cisco Webex offers vital tools and solutions to transform traditional classroom learning to online, distance, and hybrid learning models.

"We enabled all courses to use Webex through Canvas with the Cisco Webex Education Connector. Instructors can schedule Webex Meetings with their students with just a few steps. Many of these instructors are teaching remotely for the first time, and Canvas integration was essential in helping them smoothly transition. Instructors and students are enjoying easy access to Webex Meetings and Webex Teams directly inside of their Canvas course."

– Aaron Axelsen, Operations Manager, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Hybrid Learning Ease-of-Use Features

Cisco Webex Education Connector enables a seamlessly integrated experience directly within a school or university’s learning management system (LMS), so educators and students don't have to navigate to different applications to get work done.

Here's how educators can take advantage of these ease-of-use features:

  • Instructors can schedule virtual classes over Webex right within the LMS. Students click just one button to join the class.
  • Instructors can create messaging groups with students in each course right within the LMS.
  • The platform eliminates transitions between tools to allow students and educators to collaborate effortlessly.
  • While students and faculty are away from campus, they’re still able to fully access content for more productive sessions, and interactively share whiteboards and annotated content for increased creativity, brainstorming, and communication.
  • Class schedules have become more fluid, so the ease of use in managing meetings and recordings is an essential feature to accommodate this flexibility.
  • Instructors can list their available office hours for students to schedule.

And that’s not all—check out this video for more Education Connector highlights:

Bridge to Possible

From simplifying onboarding and adoption for new online instructors to providing a unified experience within the LMS, and from improving the web browser “join meeting” experience to centralizing and expanding administrative capabilities, we innovate to enable education. It's critical to build continuous collaboration as we take on this next evolution of education.

Connected learning just got easier.

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