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How Will Machine Learning Forever Change the Way Students Study?

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the world!

Everyday we wake up and discover entire industries and use cases where AI is being applied to disrupt the old order of doing things.

You know what I mean….

Netflix and Chill - Predicting what movies and shows you’d love to binge watch 

Amazon - You know you didn’t need that extra item you put in your cart that they recommended you to purchase based on your browsing history

Stock Market/Finance - Remember when there were stockbrokers? Well, machines run the numbers and make predictions to buy or sell based on market trends

Autonomous Vehicles - Are you the 80% of drivers who are dying for it, or the 20% of drivers who will hold onto the wheel of your own car? I had to rent a car when traveling, I got a Kia Optima and the Optima began driving itself on the highway. I thought only Tesla vehicles had self driving mode. NOT TRUE!

Cell Phones - Did you look down to unlock your phone using facial recognition to read this post?

Spotify/Pandora - I’ll never forget turning a dial to get to my favorite radio station (was that you too)? Now the radio tells me what song I’d like! Who is in control?

Some argue that people are going to lose jobs, poverty is going to skyrocket and machines will ruin the economy. Others argue that AI will assist humans, making us better, faster, smarter, and more efficient. 

Our vision is to create a human-centered ecosystem for knowledge sharing and there a very meaningful and specific use cases for students we've proven. Over 1 billion students go to school every Monday. When a student struggles, there is nothing more important they want than personalized help.  We are going to fast forward you into the future, show you how machine learning will forever change the way students study and how they access help.  We’re not talking years away - more like weeks!!! Our intention is to put a long-lasting imprint on helping students cross the finish line!

Get ready to see something you’ve never seen…

Keep learning, 

Gerald Meggett Jr.

Co-Founder of CircleIn