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      How to Maximize Live Interaction Between Students & Teachers

      Teachers, students, and principals all across the globe have heard the same message over the past six months: School is being closed, and we aren't sure when they'll reopen. 

      So now what? Your principal, admin, superintendent, mayor, and even governor have told you to prepare for schools to be closed in September. Your fear—even though you and your students survived the first closure in the spring, however messily— is that you won't be able to properly teach your students virtually/online for the long term. Reasons for this might include:

      • No set of standard technology is being used.
      • The web conferencing technology is cumbersome to set up, schedule, and maintain, with too many links to copy and paste and send in too many different ways to too many people.
      • Thanks to “Zoom bombings,” teachers don't feel secure in sending out their personal meeting room link. 
      • No proper training on how to utilize and transform teaching skills from in-person settings to live online teaching via web conferencing. 
      • Students aren't able to easily and automatically access recordings of the class without requiring more emails and links to be sent to them.
      • Trouble mimicking office-hour schedules virtually and securely to protect the privacy of students.

      The good news is that via CirQlive, there's a way to manage live virtual learning from the top platforms in the industry (such as Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, and BlueJeans) from within Canvas.

      With CirQlive:

      • No more headaches of managing the online education platform. Streamline and automate setting up teachers' web conferencing accounts, scheduling the sessions, and managing attendance and recordings. Also access an extensive overview of the stats and analytics of your online learning usage. 
      • Multiple platform capability. CirQlive works with many different web conferencing tools, such as Webex, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and BlueJeans. We can offer a free assessment of which platforms best fit your needs.
      • Make your teachers' and students' lives easier, while enhancing their experience.  Learn how to easily schedule sessions and join them with a click, view recordings and attendance records, streamline meeting reminders to assure no one misses a class, send out scheduling updates, and schedule 1:1 tutoring, office hours, and virtual parent-teacher conferences. 
      • No more "Zoom bombing." Security, security, security. We'll show you how to ensure your students and teachers are safe online with our automatically generated unique url link system. No need to send out your personal room link ever again. 
      • Free teacher training. Learn from our experts with over a decade of teaching live via web conferencing on the best tips and tricks for making the virtual classroom as open, welcoming, friendly, and educational as an in-person classroom. 

      It's never easy to onboard new teaching methods or technologies, even in an in-person classroom setting. Add the challenges of being remote, caring for your family while everyone is home, and finding the right space and mindset to teach online, and properly adopting new tools and connecting with and teaching your students becomes even harder. 

      That's why we at CirQlive, in conjunction with Canvas, are here to help—and not just with our web-conferencing integration with Canvas. We've built our team from current and former teachers who understand how hard the transition and uncertainty can be. We want to make sure, through expertise and practical training, that each teacher is able to apply the abilities, talents, and skills they use to connect with students in person, to connect virtually in the same meaningful way. 

      Please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] to learn more about our training and web-conferencing integration software. 

      Wishing everyone a safe and healthy rest of the summer, and a strong beginning to the new school year, both in person and virtually. 


      “An easy way to present online classes and keep students connected.”
      – Christina Jimenez, PIO of the California Community College System