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      How to Be Open at Camp Canvas

      It’s the second official day of InstructureCon 2016: Kumbayawesome and all the Canvas Campers are gathered around the proverbial campfire to learn more about our open platform, our open courses on Canvas Network, our open content on Canvas Commons, and our open Community.

      If you’re here in Keystone, scout out the Open Lounge at the southeast corner of the Keystone Conference Center to learn what we’re doing to make education more open. There, you can rest and recharge (yourself and your electronic devices) while you read about and/or talk with some of the folks doing cutting-edge work in open education.

      If you didn’t make it to InstructureCon this year, you can still get the Swiss Army Knife of openness infographics: DIY Open Content: Do Innovation Yourself with OERs. It explores the past and present of open educational resources (OERs) and provides the tools you need to start using open content so you can join the greater open education movement.

      Keep learning,
      Katie Bradford, Director, Platform & Partnerships Marketing
      Dorin Shen, Manager, Partnerships Research & Market Intelligence