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How Canvas Partner Regroup Mass Notification Can Help Keep Your School Safe

As incidents of school violence have become more common, school leaders are looking for ways to improve school safety without putting undue pressure on budgets and while maintaining an open, positive atmosphere in their schools. Every school should be prepared to immediately respond and mitigate any potential threat that could result in loss of life or injuries to members of their campus community. This is why Canvas by Instructure, a leading Learning Management System (LMS) platform enabling easy integration of the content, tools and services teachers and students want and need through open, usable, cloud-based technologies, is partnering with Regroup Mass Notification to deliver an easy-to-use mass notification system (MNS) right within the Canvas interface.

The Importance of Seamless Communications During a Crisis and Beyond

As one of the world’s leading LMSs, used by more than 3,000 universities, school districts and institutions around the world, Canvas has partnered with Regroup to offer a solution that delivers in both crisis situations and routine communications. The integration empowers educators and administrators to easily communicate from within the familiar Canvas platform, eliminating learning curves and improving collaboration between instructors, staff, students, and parents.

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“Canvas is the most usable, customizable, adaptable and reliable LMS on the market, so it was important that we partner with a mass notification system that was equally as customizable, adaptable and reliable,” said Tara Gunther, Senior Director, Strategic Partners at Instructure. “We also wanted to provide our educators with the flexibility to use the chosen mass notification system for their emergency and daily mass communication needs right from within the Canvas platform. Regroup offers the best of both worlds.”

Make Every Second Count

Regroup is an award-winning, cloud-based platform for emergency and day-to-day mass communications. The Regroup-Canvas integration makes it possible to:

—Notify first responders, staff, parents, and even students in the event of an emergency with only two clicks

—Text message classroom updates to students and parents from within the Canvas dashboard

—Automate severe weather alerts and school closure/delay info to phones, email, and more

—Target specific locations with messages, including entry and exit notifications

—Allow students to report suspicious behavior or safety concerns to administrators through the AlertMe mobile app

—Update the community about school events through phone, email, text, and social media

—Display messages on school signage and digital screens

—Enable security personnel and faculty to send messages from anywhere using the AlertManger mobile app

 Now, more than ever, campuses of all types and sizes need cost-effective tools that streamline communications and help community members better understand what’s happening on campuses and in schools. The Canvas-Regroup integration means education administrators can keep students and faculty safer and more informed thanks to easy automation and seamless system integration. With more streamlined communications, simplified data management, and no training required, educators can spend more time on what matters most — their students.

 “Custom communications are vital in an era where people are constantly bombarded with digital communications, both in their off-time and at work. No two people want to be communicated with in exactly the same way, but we don’t want our education clients wasting time learning how to segment their audience or send various messages to various channels when they would rather be focusing on educating their students”, said Melissa Loble,VP, Professional Services and Partnerships from Instructure. “Regroup understands this, and we are proud to partner with them because they make mass communication simple and allow everyone to choose the best ways to reach them.”

About Regroup

Regroup Mass Notification offers an easy-to-use mass notification platform that’s used by school districts, universities, and colleges across North America for day-to-day and emergency notifications. To schedule a free demo and see how Regroup can help your school quickly and efficiently share important information right from within Canvas, visit

Keep learning,

Alaina Bravo
Marketing Director, Regroup