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Happy World Teachers’ Day!

“Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition.”

Jacques Barzun, Historian

True appreciation for something means more than just mere acknowledgement—we treasure it. At one time or another, all students feel grateful for the treasure of teachers.

At Canvas, we know that the lifelong impact of learning cannot happen without caring teachers. World Teachers’ Day was established nearly a quarter century ago as a way to give the world a better idea of the role teachers play in society and the challenges they face. This year’s theme is “The right to education means the right to a qualified teacher”, which coincides with the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This year, and for the first time, Canvas honored three exceptional educators as our Teachers of the Year (you can read their stories here, here, and here). One recipient, Nancy Barbara said, “Education, through any medium, has to be meaningful, moving and motivating. More importantly, if done right, it gives the most silent of students a voice.”

In that spirit, we voice our appreciation to teachers everywhere. Your work matters more than you’ll ever know! 

Check out the Canvas LMS Twitter account to see “Happy World Teachers’ Day” messages posted in a different language each hour for the next 24 hours.

Keep learning (and teaching),

The Canvas Team