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Growing the Wonderful World of Learning

We don’t look at education as a “business”. Education has the ability to change lives, empower people, give hope, blaze a path, build bonds and smash barriers. Undoubtedly, our world is much better when we all learn. Helping others get access to that world is a mission — one that demands our attention, our respect and hard work. 

A new report from independent analyst and consultancy firm Ovum examines the reasons why Instructure, the maker of the Canvas Learning Management Platform, has bolstered its commitment to lifelong learning and its customers. 

The report, written by analyst Joyce Kim, details the growth since the launch of Canvas in 2010 to now, as “Instructure has won itself a leading position in the learning management system (LMS) market and one of the most enthusiastic user communities in education.” As of July 2019, the same month as InstructureCon, more than 30 million people now use Instructure’s learning platforms.

Ovum’s report pointed to several initiatives that Instructure is engaged in:

Support of Lifelong Learning

The report mentions our new partnership with Apple for App Development with Swift, which allows Canvas customers to learn Apple’s programming language and develop their own iOS apps. It also highlights our acquisition of Portfolium to equip students with e-portfolios to give them evidence of their knowledge and prepare them for future careers.

You can watch the impact of Canvas and Portfolium together in this video about Del Lago Academy in California.

Driving Student Engagement

Another example cited in the report shows how institutions can use their learning management system to achieve greater engagement. The Curry School of Education and Human Development at the University of Virginia switched to Canvas and replicate its strong faculty-student communication online. In 2018, the Curry Virtual Community (CVC) went live so that for all Curry School students could have a personalized experience.

Canvas Community and New Features 

Through suggestions from members of the growing Canvas Community, we have implemented dozens of new features that improve the user experience with outcomes, quizzing, and course analytics (just to name a few).

The Ovum report concludes: “Nonetheless, it is clear that Instructure is thinking beyond improvements to their learning management platform to the broader teaching and learning ecosystem.” 

Keep learning,

The Canvas Team