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#GoOpen With CK-12 Foundation and Canvas

Since the Department of Education launched its #GoOpen campaign, a growing number of schools, districts, and entire states are committing to use open educational resources (OERs). That means more U.S. teachers and students are gaining access to high-quality learning content—and high-quality education—for free.

For those of us here at CK-12 Foundation, this is music to our ears. As a nonprofit, we’ve spent the last 10 years building our FlexBook® open platform to empower teachers and to improve student learning by increasing access to free, high-quality educational content and concept-based modalities. Beyond helping teachers engage students, our aim is to help schools reimagine how they procure instructional materials, so they can apply the cost savings to other areas.

We built an integration with Canvas to provide yet another way to help teachers discover, personalize, integrate, and distribute OERs. The CK-12 integration with Canvas allows you to:

  • Access more than 5,000 math and science concepts and nearly 150,000 practice questions.
  • Tailor your lessons by customizing content or by sharing full versions of FlexBooks® textbooks in Canvas.
  • Include links to interactives, embedded videos, and applications of content that are relevant to your students’ lives.
  • Pass back grades earned on CK-12 practice and formal assessments.

Our team of contracted teachers has spent years creating and curating high-quality K-12 STEM content that remains fully customizable by users. Register for our upcoming webinar to learn how you can #GoOpen by using CK-12 content seamlessly within Canvas.

Keep learning,
The CK-12 Team