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      Google Assignments & Canvas: A Simpler Way to Distribute, Analyze, and Grade Student Work

      Have you heard the big news? Canvas LMS is now the only learning management system that has the Google Assignments integration. Not to toot our own horn, but we're pretty excited about how this dynamic functionality is simplifying the administrative aspects of teaching and creating more space for student collaboration.

      To celebrate, our product marketing directors, Jennifer Mitchell and Ryan Lufkin, recently hosted a webinar with our two friends and product managers from Google Assignments, Brian Hendricks and Lauren McCann, to demonstrate how educators and students can get the most out of this integration in their Canvas accounts.

      Our discussion explored the most common questions educators have about the integration, while also addressing a common problem we're seeing in education right now: Educators are spending a large portion of their limited time on grading rather than teaching, leaving them with less time to do what they love—connect with students. While technology can never replace the human element of teaching, Canvas and Google share the belief that the right tools can lower the administrative burden associated with managing and grading assignments.

      “When we're out and about talking to educators and school leaders, we consistently hear one thing: that they love helping their students learn, and that it's their core motivation for teaching. But we also hear over and over again that educators are frustrated. They're spending way too much of their time on grading. It's almost always raised as one of the biggest offenders.”

      Lauren McCann
      Product Marketing Manager for Google Assignments

      We address this problem in our webinar by demonstrating three ways Canvas customers can use Google Assignments to streamline the administrative aspects of grading:

      1. Use Google Assignments to distribute and collect student work
      2. Embed Google Drive files in the rich text editor
      3. Upload Drive files to standard online Canvas assignments

      Access the on-demand webinar to learn how to make the switch from the former Google Apps LTI and start using the improved features of Google Assignments in Canvas today.