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      Give Students Access to Affordable Digital Learning Materials

      Access to affordable digital learning materials is a huge concern for students, their families and institutions looking to increase enrollment on their campus. The Lumina Foundation reported that college prices have increased by 45% over the past decade, but at the same time, households are bringing in less income. This puts many students down the path to an educational dead end. Even when students do enroll in school, many can’t afford their materials and because of that, they don’t purchase them. Per a 2016 study completed by Florida Virtual Campus 20% of students have failed their courses because of an inability to afford the materials.

      It seems fair to assume that any higher education institution offering a more affordable option for purchasing digital learning materials would likely be more competitive in today’s education landscape. The trick is to find an education and technology company that publishes only the highest quality content for students and instructors and simultaneously doesn’t break the bank for students.

      Be an Affordable Digital Learning Material Pioneer

      Show faculty the debt-reducing benefits of Cengage Unlimited, affordable course materials accessed by students through a first-of-its-kind subscription to online education content. Paying for a digital learning  subscription once per term allows students to access as many online homework solutions, ebooks and study guides all for one price. They can even access materials across different courses and disciplines.

      How Will Cengage Unlimited Work Within the Ecosystem of the LMS?

      The best part for admins and instructors is Cengage Unlimited doesn’t change how the Cengage integration works. That’s because Cengage Unlimited is mostly a purchase option for students, not a new platform to integrate. It gives access to the library of Cengage content to students who subscribe.

      Thinking About Course Design

      The only detail instructors and admins will want to think about is keeping the student experience a seamless one when using Canvas. If a student subscribes to Cengage Unlimited, they’ll need to leave Canvas and head to to access any resources that are above and beyond what the instructor has placed in their Canvas course. That’s why you’ll want to help instructors place the new link to the Cengage Unlimited Student Dashboard into their course so everything can be all in one spot.

      How to Add the Cengage Unlimited Student Dashboard Link

      If you’ve set up a Cengage integrated course before it’s as easy as placing a deeplink to an assignment. Just look for the link titled “Cengage Unlimited Student Dashboard” at the bottom of the Content Selector. Check out this quick video for a step-by-step guide.

      For even more information about Cengage Unlimited, join the discussion in the Cengage Community.

      Keep learning,

      Kim Grzybala
      Associate Program Manager, Cengage