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Get the Insights You Need with Integrated Course Evaluation & Surveys

For many institutions, collecting student feedback is a total headache. The process of configuring and administering course evaluations and surveys requires too much hands-on time and delivers low response rates, making it difficult to gather meaningful insights and make valuable changes on campus.

Watermark has worked with hundreds of Canvas institutions to create an efficient and effective course evaluation and survey process centered around one key principle: Integration.

Take Advantage of the Data You Already Have

Canvas already stores all of your course, student, and instructor data, so there’s no need to reconfigure this in your evaluation solution. Watermark makes it possible to automate the flow of this information from Canvas into your course evaluation project, saving time and reducing errors. Survey administrators can easily search for and select the courses to be evaluated, import all of the relevant data points, and create a schedule to automatically sync the systems.

 Boost Response Rates

Make evaluations impossible to ignore by putting them where students are already spending their time: right within Canvas. By providing a seamless Canvas interface with automated notifications and strategically-placed access points, Watermark has helped hundreds of institutions significantly boost response rates. You can easily configure the right mix of reminders, pop-ups, and completion requirements to support participation goals.

Quickly Access – and Act On – Results 

Rather than waiting weeks (or longer) for data to be collected and distributed, integrated dashboards show real-time response rates and track time left in the survey window. When the evaluation period is complete, faculty can receive notifications about results and seamlessly access customizable reports and analytics tools directly from Canvas.

By integrating Watermark Course Evaluations & Surveys with Canvas, you’ll get valuable student feedback into the hands of faculty and staff faster. Join us at our InstructureCon session, “Simply Do More with Course Evaluations & Surveys,” to see key features in action and hear how institutions like yours have gotten more from their course evaluations and surveys with less effort. Get full product details on the Watermark website.