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The Study Hall

Four score and yesterday

If Abraham Lincoln were alive today, and he was running an edutech startup I think he would think MOOCs were cool, but he’d be like “Hey, what’s up with only letting the elite schools participate?”

Abraham Lincoln - Ghost BusterLet’s democratize education. For everyone.

We’re all about Abraham Lincoln. That’s why we launched the Canvas Network. Yes, online courses have been around for over a decade, and contrary to the popular press, MOOCs aren’t a new invention, but there isn’t an open (as in everyone can play and open source) platform that is out there to support courses that are pedagogically independent. So we made one. It’s and open courses are just the beginning. No, really, we’ve got more to announce in just a few months. ;-)

So, Kudos to the initial class of innovators that stepped out onto the Canvas Network platform and here’s to global education on Canvas.

Keep learning,