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      Daly Dispatch: November 2020 Edition

      Hello Canvas Family, and welcome to the Daly Dispatch, my monthly update on all things Canvas.

      Canvas + MasteryConnect: Making Assessments More Accessible

      Through all of the ups and downs this year, one thing has remained true: Technology doesn’t put the magic in education. Teachers do. But as school closures have sustained in some places and blended and hybrid learning models continue in others, frequent and flexible assessments continue to be instrumental in reaching and supporting every learner. Our assessment management system, MasteryConnect, allows educators to identify student levels of understanding and quickly adapt instruction in Canvas to provide a personalized learning experience.

      To support this learning cycle, MasteryConnect has launched several new features this year to deepen its integration with Canvas LMS and provide a better assessment experience for students, including:

      • MasteryConnect is now a primary submission type in Canvas, allowing teachers to link assignments to assessments.
      • MasteryConnect has been added to the left global navigation in Canvas, making it easier for customers to seamlessly navigate between the two platforms.
      • MasteryConnect has been given a new look to align with Canvas branding.

      Our customer, New Caney Independent School District in Texas, offers a great example of how to use Canvas and MasteryConnect to build a learning ecosystem where every learner can thrive. Their secret sauce? A growth mindset: Moving from a focus on assessment scores to using assessment data to gain a better understanding of what students know and don’t know.

      Read their story

      We’re All in This Together: The Evolution of Customer Support

      As many of you continue to implement Canvas, we want to be sure we’re meeting your needs as quickly as possible. This support process begins with your Customer Success Manager (CSM). CSMs are Canvas experts and can connect you to the appropriate internal team for help—whether that's sales, training, product/engineering, support, implementation, or renewals.

      Beyond the adoption process, we’ll continue providing more self-service resources and guides and directing you to the Canvas Community for deeper knowledge and expertise as well as strategies and tips for strengthening your use of Canvas over time. 

      For more information on this ongoing effort, read the latest post from Melissa Loble, Chief Customer Experience Officer.

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      New Data Privacy Certification: IMS TrustEd Apps Seal

      As part of our ongoing commitment to protecting student data and privacy, I’m excited to announce that Instructure recently earned the IMS TrustEd Apps Seal. This certification is an important addition to the work we’ve been doing to uphold the privacy of students, educators, and institutions. We’re proud to be among the first organizations to receive this certification, as the IMS vetting process relieves institutions from the responsibility of resolving data privacy issues with industry vendors. 

      I invite you to learn more about this certification, as well as our responsible use of data to support teaching and learning, from our very own Privacy Officer, Daisy Bennett.

      Learn more

      Thank You, Teachers.

      I was reminded in a recent user group that what we do together isn’t about technology.  There is a person that is using the technology, whether a teacher or a student, and the technology we develop serves them so they can do the work of teaching and learning.  With the Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner in the US, I want to take a moment to thank all of the educators out there. Despite every challenge that's been thrown your way this year (and there have been many), you've continued to prioritize learning—even when it seemed impossible. Today, you all continue to take on extra responsibilities to ensure the safety and wellbeing of each student, and you do it all with grace. 

      From our team to yours, THANK YOU. 

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      Keep learning,