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Crocodoc and Grading in Canvas

When the remote control was invented, the way we interacted with television was forever changed. No longer did you have to walk to the TV, change the channel until you found something to watch and then sit back down. And we’ve never really looked back; TV remotes are great!

Flashamatic. The future of television.

When we launched Canvas, one of the revolutionary things we introduced was SpeedGrader.  It changed grading in the LMS.  With SpeedGrader it was no longer necessary to download assignments, grade and then upload them back to Canvas. 

Recently we added a Crocodoc integration to SpeedGrader in Canvas.  We think this will make a good thing better.  Now, when students submit digital files for grading (in Word, PowerPoint or PDF formats), instructors are able to annotate the files and grade the submissions right on the screen. (See our Guide: How do I use Crocodoc in the SpeedGrader?). There are various annotation tools available within Crocodoc (including strikethrough and drawing tools), but we think pictures speak louder than words, so here are four examples of Crocodoc in action.

Instructor View:

Crocodoc Screenshot 1
Comment and Draw annotations in Speedgrader.
Crocodoc Screenshot 1
Using multi-colored Highlight and Comment annotations.
Crocodoc Screenshot 1
Highlight and Comment annotations.

Student View:

Crocodoc Screenshot 1
Student view of annotations in Canvas.

We built SpeedGrader to make grading faster and easier for instructors.  We aim to continue to add features that make grading as painless as possible (though we doubt we can ever make it pain-free).

Just like the TV remote made television viewing more awesome, we hope Crocodoc ups the awesome factor for using SpeedGrader. If you haven’t tried the new SpeedGrader, it’s time to assign something worthy of grading!

Keep learning,
:) maria