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Connecting our Brand and Website to a Mission of Lifelong Learning 

This week we are debuting a series of changes to our brand and websites. The changes reflect the passion Instructure has for its customers and our mission to help people grow from the first day of school to the last day of work.

I joined Instructure earlier this year because that mission of supporting lifelong learning resonated so soundly with me. I want to be part of a company that gives people the power to grow and succeed throughout their lives by focusing on education and career development. After my first three months, I’m confident that Instructure wants to amplify that power in each of us. 

To support this journey of lifelong learning, we are expanding our impact in education, growing into the employee development market, and supporting the convergence of the academic and professional worlds. We want to create the best experience for you and our 30 million users.  We are creating intuitive products that simplify learning and personal development and inspire people to go further in their education and careers. 

We have made updates to our brand and logo that embody this mission. Symbols and marks are important visuals for people. They communicate ideas, beliefs, actions, and vision. 

New Instructure logo

This updated logo for the Instructure brand illustrates the connection between education and career in lifelong learning. The period between the last day of school and the first day of work is perhaps the most pivotal and important during the arc of education in a person’s life. Our new logo emphasizes the progression in that journey and the role Instructure can play in connecting education and career. 

The blue diamond represents a foundation of learning.  Rising above it we created a trio of yellow, orange, and red diamonds that represent growth, springing up from the learning foundation. This trio of smaller diamonds symbolizes how Instructure’s products empower relationships. Canvas facilitates connection and learning between students and teachers, while Bridge similarly connects employees and managers in meaningful ways. 

We have also updated our website to reflect our corporate mission and branding. The new is a centralized, unified web presence for the company. It contains all up-to-date product information for Canvas and Bridge. It also houses important corporate items such as news, careers, and investor relations.

Both Canvas and Bridge will sit logically as part of this updated website where we’ll increasingly include connections between the two. Our site and our site will be replaced by this unified corporate website and be respectively and

Instructure Website screen capture

The changes will only improve the experience of our customers as they can navigate easily across the Instructure family of products and solutions. No changes are being made to product access, since the cloud-based solutions that are part of Canvas and Bridge sit independent of our website. Your product access will be business as usual!

We hope you like the changes we’re making, and we hope you share our vision. Instructure is committed to connecting education, career placement, and career growth. This purpose drives our work and strengthens our relationships.  Our team is united by the mission of helping people grow from their first day of school to their last day of work.