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      Connect to Virtual Student Services in Canvas

      With more college students learning online, more students need virtual campus services. But providing the online support students expect—for everything from academic advising to financial aid—requires more than a free video conferencing app.

      Just as Canvas is a platform for virtual learning, ConexED is a platform for virtual student services and instruction. Through seamless LTI integrations, the two systems were made to work together.

      How Canvas Integrates With ConexED

      Using the ConexED Card widget, you can customize and embed a clickable contact card like the one below in any Canvas course (or on any departmental web page). This flexible widget is automatically activated with single sign-on (SSO) in Canvas, eliminating the need for a separate login.

      These clickable, interactive cards make it easy for students to find and get help online. In addition to your own faculty card, you can embed ConexED Cards in Canvas for tutors, librarians, writing center staff, or any other student services department using ConexED.

      Behind the scenes, ConexED integrations work with Canvas (plus your SIS and online calendar) to push, pull, and sync data in real time. This allows students to see when you’re online, then “knock on your door” to start a chat, self-schedule a meeting, send an offline message, or register for a synchronous virtual event like a research seminar.

      These integrations also enable a full range of functionality for campus scheduling, meeting, messaging, collaborating, and reporting through features such as:

      • Online Appointment Scheduling for student services teams or faculty office hours
      • Virtual Meetings / Video Conferencing for 1:1 advising or synchronous class lectures
      • Virtual Lobby for controlling access and protecting student privacy
      • Instant Messaging for online chats and quick questions
      • Built-In Collaboration Tools for sharing coursework and documents
      • Intake Forms and Reason Codes for departmental and institutional reporting

      Learn more about creating a seamless environment for virtual learning and student support at