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      Canvas SIS Integration: Mission POSSIBLE

      As educators, you likely recognize that integrating a student information system (SIS) into an open learning management system like Canvas can present challenges. But today we’re announcing something new, and we think, helpful: our new Kimono Integration Platform that offers solutions for all standards-based SIS integrations!

      Our platform supports csv, OneRoster, LIS, SIF-based data exchanges that are standardized and open for integration It makes implementation easier by providing data mapping and addressing data discrepancies between Canvas and the customer’s SIS. The SIS Integration Platform also allows schools to easily create courses in Canvas without the need for custom development, custom scripts, or exports.

      Here’s a rundown of availability:

      Available Now

      -SIF based SIS Integration - (roster and grade passback)

      -Aspire (bidirectional with grade passback)

      -PowerSchool (rosters only)

      -CSV based SIS integration - (roster and assignment grade passback)



      -Clever SIS files



      -Skyward via OneRoster csv

      -Elluminate ED vis OneRoster csv

      -Proprietary API Integrations

      -PowerTeacher Pro - Assignment Grade Passback

      In Development

      -OneRoster v1.1 based Integration



      -Pinnacle by Wazzle Solutions

      -LIS 2.0 based SIS integrations - (rosters via bulk and event service)

      -SAIP by Oracle (PeopleSoft SIS)

      -ILP by Ellucian (Colleague and Banner)

      We are excited to offer a new solution and look forward to seeing your SIS success.

      Keep Learning,

      Oxana Jurosevic
      Product Manager, Instructure