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      Canvas Receives LTI Advantage Certification

      LTI Advantage

      Canvas has announced that it has adopted the Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) Advantage standard from IMS Global Learning Consortium. LTI Advantage leverages open standards to achieve important benefits for IT, faculty, instructional designers, and students. 

      “LTI Advantage, like Canvas, is anchored in openness,” said Melissa Loble, SVP of Customer Success and IMS Board Member. “Through both its scalable technical foundation and services extensions, anyone using edtech tools is able to take advantage of enhanced interoperability, richer integrations, and more accessible teaching and learning.”

      LTI Advantage was developed with the input of nearly 500 members of IMS Global to make it easier to integrate multiple sources of digital content. LTI Advantage is a package of extensions that build on the core LTI standard (v1.3) to add new features that enable deeper integration of any tool with any LMS.

      “LTI Advantage provides a pathway to secure educational technology plug-and-play interoperability,” said Mark Leuba, vice president of product management, IMS Global Learning Consortium. “IMS is grateful for Instructure's leadership being among the first to achieve LTI Advantage certification.”

      LTI Advantage makes it easier for faculty to innovate and meet the unique learning needs of students, save time spent provisioning courses, and reduce integration times. Currently, the LTI Advantage extensions are Names and Role Provisioning Services, Deep Linking, and Assignment and Grade Services.

      “LTI Advantage is clearly our preferred integration method for learning product integration,” said David Goodrum, EdD, Director of Academic Technology, University Information and Technology at Oregon State University. “One of our first questions with vendors is if they are certified — not just compliant — with IMS Global standards. Canvas’ support for LTI Advantage helps send a clear message to ed-tech providers that this is the industry standard.” 

      LTI Advantage offers the following additional benefits:

      • Plug-and-play integration significantly reduces the cost and time to integrate digital tools and content
      • Trusted security of student data and results data passed between applications
      • Reliable, consistent and productive faculty experiences with technology
      • Minimal technical barriers ensure that digital services are ready on day one of learning
      • Deep integration of learning objects, content, and digital resources within the fabric of course content
      • Easy to consume learning analytics data supports student success

      “VitalSource has long championed the value of interoperability among learning tools for our institution clients,” said Andrew Alfers, VP of Product Management at VitalSource.  “LTI enables VitalSource to deliver course materials seamlessly to millions of students and faculty across thousands of institutions via their learning management systems. LTI Advantage will facilitate a much richer experience between Canvas and VitalSource while leveraging the same ease of interoperability. We are excited to be an LTI Advantage early adopter and thankful for our collaboration with Instructure developing our mutual support for it. 

      Early adopters of LTI Advantage cite the importance of industry standards to promote interoperability between educational technology tools and platforms. This ease of integration creates a more cohesive learning ecosystem that befits students, teachers, and administrators. 

      “As a Certified Instructure Partner, Unicon recognizes Canvas’ ability to expand the IMS LTI ecosystem with the adoption of LTI Advantage,” said Linda Feng, Software Architect at Unicon. “The real benefit of LTI Advantage is how it can enable richer interactions between tools and platforms. Canvas' support of LTI Advantage accelerates adoption of the interoperability standard across the community of EdTech tool providers.”