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      Canvas Honors Teacher Of The Year Award Winners

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      Canvas has announced the winners of its inaugural Teacher of the Year Awards. The awards recognize three exceptional K–12 teachers who are shaping the next generation of students. One winner was selected from each category: elementary, middle and high school.

      "Congratulations to our winners, who are passionately dedicated to making learning fun and engaging and go above and beyond for their students," said Hilary Scharton, vice president of K–12 product strategy for Canvas. "We are so inspired by their dedication."

      The Canvas Teacher of the Year Award winners are:

      Todd Miller, Fifth Grade Math Teacher, West Elementary (Arlington, TX)

      Nancy Barbara, Middle School ASL Teacher, Pasco eSchool (Spring Hill, FL)

      David Holland, High School Special Education Teacher, Rawlins High School (Rawlins, WY)

      Each award winner reflected on what being Teacher of the Year means and why education is more important than ever. Here's what they had to say:

      Todd Miller, fifth grade math teacher at West Elementary: "This is a validation of the work that we as teachers do and how we work hard to create learning environments for our students, even if they think they can't learn a particular subject. I use Canvas because I love it and it does so much for me; when my students use classroom technology I see a change happen. It's like someone flipped a switch and all of a sudden they're doing math without fear."

      Nancy Barbara, middle school ASL teacher at Pasco eSchool: "There is a lot of work that goes into developing curriculum, making sure it meets standards, and providing students with exposure to Deaf and hearing cultures. All that hard work — my students' hard work — came to fruition in winning this award. When we make education moving, motivating and meaningful, we create successful learning environments. Canvas helps me do that."

      David Holland, special education teacher at Rawlins High School: "Winning this award surprised me because many special education teachers and programs don't get a lot of recognition. But, we stay focused and act as the voice for our students, introducing them to classroom technology tools that help them learn, often bridging the gap in education so people know that all students matter."

      Nominations were judged on the following criteria:

      -How does this teacher redefine traditional classroom activities to prepare students for college and careers? (25%)

      -How does this teacher's classroom experience improve achievement for at-risk populations? (25%)

      -How does this teacher impact student engagement, curiosity and/or achievement? (50%)