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The Study Hall

Canvas Community: Welcome to Homeroom

Beyond their core duties as the sparkers of curiosity and imparters of knowledge, homeroom teachers also serve as illuminators of the path. They guide, advise, encourage (or nag, if necessary) to help keep students informed, prepared, and on track. But where do the sparkers, imparters, and illuminators go when they need a little guidance of their own?

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If you said Rivendell (the Elven outpost from “The Lord of Rings”), you’re absolutely right. But it’s pretty hard to get there, so for homeroom-style help related to all things Canvas, we suggest the Canvas Community.

To make you feel at “homeroom,” our Community Team does everything a homeroom teacher does, like:

  • Being available and approachable throughout the year. We have a solid team of super-friendly Canvas Coaches who dedicate their time to answering questions in our Q&A forums and community groups. Their just-in-time responses are insightful, practical, and usually include tips and tricks you can use right away.
  • Monitoring behavior (but not like a hall monitor). We adhere to a set of Community Guidelines and could potentially send you to detention for inappropriate behavior. But we’d rather reinforce good behavior with fun activities and digital incentives.
  • Offering just-in-time resources within the community. We can link you to helpful people and resources quickly. Bookmark our Canvas Release Notes (for updates about Canvas developments) and Canvas Guides (your one-stop-shop for Canvas user guides). And check out the Canvas Resources page, dedicated to helping you find new ideas for course design, sample course templates, and Canvas training./li>
  • Organizing special events. Through CanvasLIVE, we host interactive webinars and course demos. Our new Study Hall series provides quick-and-easy Canvas tips for K-12 teachers that can be watched during lunch or prep hour.
  • Listening. Yeah, that’s the most important thing we do. So, bring us your questions, requests, and ideas. Our ears (via our eyes, via our computer screens) are always open.

Keep Learning,
Biray Seitz
Community Manager