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Canvas Commons Releases Standards Tagging

Canvas Commons—your favorite LOR designed to work with your favorite LMS—now enables users to share and tag learning resources based on Common Core State Standards and existing state standards. See the Common thread here?


With integrated standards from Academic Benchmarks (AB), we’ve made it easier than ever for K-12 educators throughout the U.S. to find, share, and map relevant, ready-to-use educational content. For example, if a teacher in New York (or Wyoming, or Kentucky, or Maine) tags resources in Commons based on mathematics standards, those resources can be found by a teacher in California (or Ohio, or Georgia, or … you get the idea) who searches for the same standards.

It’s really easy and open and streamlined, but it’s just the beginning. The Canvas Commons team plans to keep building upon this functionality in the future.

Check out this Canvas Guide to see how it all works, then start tagging or searching—or both. And stay tuned for new developments in Commons by subscribing to the Canvas Commons newsletter.

Keep learning,
Kate McGee
Canvas Commons Product Manager