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      Canvas + Chromebooks: The Why & How to Successful Adoption

      As the saying goes, if we teach today's students like yesterday's then we rob them of tomorrow. Getting our teachers on board with change can be a challenge. I’ve been there and want to tell you more about it. In fact, I like to think of it as helping the Flintsones meet the Jetsons!

      Our district successfully rolled out a 1:1 initiative with Google Chromebooks and a new learning management platform, Canvas. After 14 years in the classroom, it was my job as a TOSA: Tech Integration Coach to help my colleagues feel empowered to buy-in and understand 'why' it's so important for us to accelerate tech adoption.

      This project impacted 160 staff members and 1,700 students - with many more to come. Here are some of the main points that guided our way:

      “Inspiring each student for success today and greatness tomorrow”

      That’s the mission statement for our school. To me, today and tomorrow are technology. Google Drive/Classroom is a huge part of our elementary and middle school classrooms. Success will require being proficient in technology.

      Helping the Digital Generation

      Not all of our teachers are tech savvy and that’s the case with many of our students. Even with flashy tech, we need to help students with their critical thinking skills. Our lessons need to force them to solve problems and not just rote memorization of facts.

      Integrations Make Your Transition Smoother

      The tools you use in Google Classroom and Canvas can benefit students at every level and empower teachers with professional development. These seamless integrations can bring out online self-paced and face-to-face opportunities. If you are proactive in using these tools together, it will engage students and build teachers’ confidence.

      Rome was not built in a day! Start small and enhance your own style, then work outside your comfort zone little by little.

      You can hear our whole K-12 story by watching my CanvasLIVE webinar, “Canvas + Chromebooks: The Why & How to Successful Adoption”.

      Keep learning,

      Jonathan Yoder

      Tech Integration Coach, Head Teacher for Online/Blended Learning

      Owen J. Roberts High School (Pennsylvania)