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      Canvas: A Statewide School Solution

      This past fall, the Utah Education Network provided Canvas LMS to all K12 school districts and charter schools. Canvas usage in Utah districts and schools has been on the rise in recent years, and making Canvas available to them was just one of the ways they were providing equal opportunity to Utah families. 

      To get a better pulse on how Utah’s teachers and students were using Canvas, I set out with a few of my work buddies last month to find out. We visited a bunch of schools and talked to a lot of teachers, and by Christmas, we were pretty pumped about what we learned.

      We found some common threads in the things Utah teachers found most helpful about Canvas and put them into an infographic below. We bet it will help teachers and students in your area too—no matter where you live!

      Utah Canvas Infographic

      Keep learning,

      Kelly Dean
      K-12 Product Marketing, Instructure