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      Backing up STEM Content In Google Workspace/Office 365 with MathType/ChemType

      One of the great features about Canvas is accessing the platform from anywhere. It makes accessing your courses easier, especially with distance learning classes. One drawback that some educators have mentioned is that there are other programs and platforms they prefer for creating their content. The problem is moving that content from your preferred platform to Canvas without losing the content you were working on.
      For STEM educators that use mathematical formulas, or inorganic chemistry formulas, has made transferring or backing up their work difficult due to differing text editor standards. MathType/ChemType provide a solution for this issue. Our web tools all speak with each other nicely so that if you feel more comfortable with creating your lessons in Google Workspace or Office 365 you can utilize MathType/ChemType for your STEM content without losing anything moving back to Canvas.
      It’s an easy process to move your MathType/ChemType content from one platform to another thanks to our web tools using the same back end technology.


      1. Locate the formula you wish to transfer and open it within MathType/ChemType.

      2. Select the whole formula and copy it

      3. Copy the text by right clicking and selecting Copy or using the system command for your OS to copy the text. This copies the formula as MathML.

      3. Copy the text by right clicking and selecting Copy or using the system command for your OS to copy the text. This copies the formula as MathML.

      4. Open MathType/ChemType in the destination platform and paste the text. Our tool will automatically translate it to a formula.

      5. Click Insert and the formula will appear on the new platform as it did in the old platform.

      This is a great way to move your Google Workspace for Office 365 notes to a lesson in Canvas without having to retype all your equations. It lets you work in a platform you’re comfortable without doubling your work to move it to the platform you’ll be using.
      This is also a great way to back up your Quizzes from Canvas that use MathType equations or to backup a WirisQuizzes question in a document rather than a file that can’t be accessed by external readers. We also have a process for sharing the questions within Canvas on our YouTube Channel here. This process is for backing the WirisQuizzes content up externally:
      The steps for transferring the equations will be the same as the above, except you will be opening the WirisQuizzes Question you want to back up. The equations can be moved over using the same process as outlined above.

      You will end up with a version of the question that can be copied and pasted back into WirisQuizzes or just creating practice questions for students.

      The equations within Google Workspace and Office 365 are Vector images, so they can be resized without them becoming pixelated or distorted.
      Our tools are designed to work together to make STEM education accessible even with distance learning classrooms and schools that deliver 1 to 1 devices to their students. This is just one of the ways MathType/ChemType can help educators and students make this transition to digital learning without losing flexibility in lessons.
      Test our tools today and see how easily you can create your STEM content where you want and move it to Canvas with ease. Contact for help getting started.