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      AWS Educate & Canvas: The Academic Gateway for Cloud-Based Careers

      In my role at AWS Educate, I work with our educator community globally, and support them with teaching cloud computing skills and remote instruction. Supporting educators as education continues to digitally expand is important to me because I started my career as a biology teacher, and the importance of that role still resonates with me to this day.

      After speaking all over the world about the power of cloud-computing skills and how important they are in today’s job market, I often get asked, “What really is the cloud itself?”, and the way that we define it at AWS Educate is, "on demand delivery of IT resources via the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing."

      As the digital landscape continues to expand with the rise of remote careers and education, cloud computing continues to be ranked as a top skill since 2014 on LinkedIn. With this in mind, including cloud-computing in education now to prepare students for this increasing demand will set them apart—regardless of the industry they choose to work in.

      To tap into the cloud at a classroom level, we partnered with Canvas so educators around the world could access cloud-based curriculum from AWS Educate directly in their Canvas account.

      Partnering with an LMS has provided an authentic learning experience to drive our Cloud Career Pathways, giving students the opportunity to have hands-on experiences in and out of the classroom and earn badges to certify their competencies. To enter the workforce not only having this skill set but also having viable, certified experience architecting in the cloud gives students a tremendous upper hand and real-world experience that will follow them into the workforce.

      To address some of the most commonly asked questions about incorporating cloud-computing curriculum into Canvas courses, I recently co-hosted a webinar with Ryan Lufkin, Senior Director of Higher Education at Instructure.

      Our discussion covered many topics that are top-of-mind for educators interested in accessing the content repository in AWS Educate to include cloud-based content into their existing Canvas courses, or providing student access to AWS Educate so they have opportunities to learn and build these skills at their own pace.

      One question that received a lot of discussion: What cloud-based positions are in highest demand, and how can we prepare students for these positions?

      To help educators bridge that gap between learning online and working online, we launched Cloud Career Pathways, which are self-paced courses created in Canvas for specific cloud-based roles with guided learning objectives. By designing these courses in Canvas, we created a familiar, integrated experience for students looking to boost their cloud-based knowledge, while still providing them with the flexibility to learn at their own pace.

      To learn more about AWS Educate and how it integrates with Canvas LMS, I invite you to access the on-demand webinar to see a live demo from an educator and student perspective, and see how it can support you in delivering cloud-based instruction.

      Access the On-Demand Webinar