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6 Ways Qwickly Attendance Enhances Attendance & Participation Tracking in Canvas 

Qwickly Attendance has proven to be one of the most useful tools to monitor attendance at both the course and institutional level, since its release in 2016.

Qwickly Attendance improves student success, instructor confidence in attendance taking, and administrative power to pinpoint student trends. Each level of your institution benefits from the use of Qwickly Attendance.

Here are 6 ways to enhance institutional attendance taking with Qwickly Attendance:

1. Create custom attendance or participation statuses.

The customizable statuses of Qwickly Attendance allow instructors to design complex participation scales, create unlimited attendance options like Left Early or Tardy, and award bonuses to certain students based on their success in the course. Institutions can tailor Qwickly Attendance to accommodate their specific needs.

Qwickly Attendance example image

2. Save precious instructor time with automated grading and more.

With features including Canvas Gradebook integration, automated absence email alerts, and interchangeable attendance-taking modes, instructors are able to save class time and keep their focus on teaching and learning.

3. Keep students updated on their attendance records.

With Qwickly Attendance, both students and instructors are on the same page. Students can access the total number of absences, view their attendance grade, and see instructor comments regarding their participation. Discrepancies between students and teachers are easily minimized with Qwickly Attendance.

4. Identify student attendance trends.

Administrators stay informed and up-to-date on institution-wide attendance data thanks to the streamlined user-friendly design of Qwickly Attendance Pro. As a result, they will have the ability to manipulate the data based on the overall attendance needs of the institution.

5. Simplify institutional reporting.

With Qwickly Attendance Pro, institutional attendance requirements will no longer pose a concern. There is no need to contact instructors or have them submit attendance reports. Instead, easily generate reports based off of the data in Qwickly Attendance to stay on track of these requirements. Specific course and student records can be accessed, along with the last date a student had attended their courses.

6. Keep it all in Canvas with seamless integration.

All Qwickly Attendance features are integrated directly with Canvas. There’s no need for instructors to find an outside source for managing their attendance, as all Qwickly functionality is completed inside the learning management system. Students can easily view their records and check in from the Canvas App.

Consider joining the hundreds of institutions using Qwickly Attendance, so that your institution can also find success. Get a feel for how the tool works by checking out the on-demand webinar, “Introduction to Qwickly Attendance for Canvas”. Qwickly Attendance will allow your institution to thrive and take the pain out of tracking and grading student attendance.

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Linden Miller, Marketing Writer Intern
Alzbeta Slaker, Graphic Design & Marketing Coordinator
Sandra Zlojutro, Client Analyst & Product Education Specialist