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When “LMS-integrated” Isn’t Integrated Enough

Finding the Right Fit

You found the right course materials—brilliant! But you probably need to cut them back a bit to fit your course, right? And sometimes, after you import them into your LMS, it can be a little messy. It might take a LONG time to sort through the content and get your course set up. Then, after all that work, you find out that your course materials aren't really in your LMS like you thought. And now you'll have to deal with two gradebooks and having your students link out to another system for your course content. 

Some higher education faculty have simply never found the right fit when it comes to digital. These faculty want to leverage publisher-provided assignable content to ensure students have read and understood the materials but want the teaching and learning experience to live entirely within their Learning Management System (LMS). They want something simple and streamlined—something that’s very easy to set up and allows them to feel like their course is still their own.

It CAN Be Easier

What if I told you that Cengage Infuse doesn't integrate with your LMS—it LIVES in it? It's the first-of-its-kind, embedded digital learning solution that enables you to enjoy simple course setup and management tools that leverage the functionality of your LMS. Plus, it incorporates just the right amount of auto-graded content, organized by chapter, straight into your course in just a few clicks! 
From course setup to assignments/quizzes, no one ever needs to leave the LMS, which prevents student confusion on where to locate course materials and complete assignments. Cengage Infuse can be embedded into Canvas, and currently covers 41 products across 7 course areas (with more on the way!): 

  1. US History
  2. Introductory Psychology
  3. Criminal Justice
  4. Principles of Marketing
  5. American Government
  6. Texas Politics 
  7. Business Law

Faculty-Tested and Approved 

Leading into the development of Cengage Infuse, we talked to 600 faculty across 500 institutions and 20 disciplines. We looked at what they were currently doing, mapped their workflows, presented them prototypes and workshopped potential solutions step by step with them. Next, they piloted the program in their classes and provided feedback for development along the way. The result was Cengage Infuse, offering:

  1. Embedded LMS experience - Cengage Infuse leverages your existing LMS workflow like no other product on the market. It's an embedded experience that puts you at ease by keeping you comfortable and confident in your familiar LMS environment.
  2. Simple course setup & management - Cengage Infuse contains just the right amount of content so it’s not overwhelming, and the content is organized by chapter even when imported into the LMS—ensuring quick course setup and management.
  3. Customization - Cengage Infuse is a turn-key solution, but it also allows you to customize assessments and author your own questions. This was hugely important to the instructors in our pilot group and why we've successfully closed adoptions with Cengage Infuse. 
  4. Ownership - Cengage Infuse enables you to keep your course your own rather than having to rely on a publisher to create and supply all the activities you'll assign your students.

See It for Yourself!