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What is ArtistWorks for Education?

As one of the co-founders of ArtistWorks, I wanted to share a few thoughts on why we created ArtistWorks for Education and how it can help your students.

My husband and I started ArtistWorks because we’re both musicians with busy schedules. David plays guitar, and I play flute. For years he had been trying to find a way to really master jazz guitar, and he had tried just about everything there was out there.

It was hard enough to find a good teacher who knew enough about jazz guitar, and then scheduling convenient times to meet wasn’t working either. Disappointed, he went online to see if there was a better way. As it turns out, there wasn’t. Not just for jazz guitar, but for any instrument.  

As someone with a computer programming background, David had an idea: what if he could create a way to learn from the world’s best musicians, without having to actually travel to see them or even schedule a time to meet online?

And so that’s exactly what we set out to do.

We wanted to provide the best online learning experience possible, and so we partnered with musicians who are all world famous for their technique and teaching experience. We only work with the best, and since 2009 we’ve grown the platform to more than 35 teachers - with tens of thousands of students in over 88 countries. We also patented David’s Video Exchange Learning® concept.

We’re now very proud to offer access to the same level of instruction you’d get at a traditional music school for a fraction of the cost.

Each musical instrument is taught online through 20-30 hours of recorded video lessons that range from fundamental skills through intermediate level techniques and on to advanced playing and audition preparation. Every concept is not only explained and analyzed, but is also demonstrated in detail, through multiple camera angles for optimal online learning.

Each course also includes 10 samples of Video Exchanges that have been performed between our online faculty and their students. These Video Exchanges allow all students to benefit from an invaluable teaching moment that covers a common problem to all players.

ArtistWorks for Education is a one stop solution for all your music education needs. We provide students a safe place to learn music online with comprehensive curricula in a variety of the most in-demand genres.

Here’s a few of our popular instruments:

Classical Violin with Nathan Cole

Nathan Cole plays in the Chicago Symphony as First Associate Concertmaster of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Jazz Saxophone with Eric Marienthal

Eric Marienthal is a Grammy Award winner who’s played with some of best musicians in the world including Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Chick Corea, Billy Joel, and more.

Guitar: All Styles

Rock with Paul Gilbert, Jazz with Chuck Loeb, Bluegrass Bryan Sutton, Country with Guthrie Trapp, Classical with Jason Vieaux, & More

Piano: Classical, Jazz, Popular

Christie Peery, George Whitty, and Hugh Sung are each masters of their respective genres and can teach anyone who wants to learn.

That barely begins to cover it. We hope you take advantage of what ArtistWorks for Education has to offer. By connecting students to the best music teachers in the world, together we can help positively influence the next generation of musicians.

For more information about ArtistWorks for Education, please click here.

Keep Learning,

Patricia Butler
CEO and Co-founder of ArtistWorks, Inc.