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      Walking in a Holiday Help Desk Wonderland

      The holidays are upon us. This week it’s all turkey and stuffing, but within a few days the elves will have taken over. They’re the unsung heros of Christmas. While the big man gets most of the credit, it’s actually the elves who are in the trenches, making all the preparations for the big day.

      And it isn’t just the elves who stay busy this time of year. Even during the holidays, we’re seeing a fair amount of Canvas usage by students wrapping up coursework and instructors and designers preparing materials for the next semester. The question is, are your support elves stuck assisting the stragglers and missing out on their chance for holiday cheer?

      Canvas Holiday Traffic
      As some of you may remember, this doesn’t just happen on holidays. The Beyoncé Effect on Canvas was a real thing.

      We put our heads together this year and came up with a solution that allows you to give your staff a holiday break while still providing support to your Canvas users. We’re calling it our Canvas Holiday Help Desk. No, we’re not Santa, but we’re trying to help his elves deliver up some stress relief this season.

      Here’s how it works:

      We’re offering to provide full Tier 1 support between finals and the start of your new semester. That means live 24/7 chat, phone, Web, and email support delivered by a professional team of Canvas support experts (wicked smart elves). For higher ed customers, we provide direct support to faculty and students, and for K-12, we provide faculty-only support.

      You pay only $.05 per FTE per week (or $100 minimum). And if you decide to make Tier 1 support more than a holiday thing, the amount you paid for Canvas Holiday Help Desk support this year will be credited toward your full Tier 1 package.

      To schedule coverage, all you have to do is contact your Customer Success Manager, identify the dates you need Canvas Holiday Help Desk support, and we’ll do the rest.

      So, don’t choose between giving your staff a holiday break and continuing to provide awesome Canvas support for your instructors and students—choose both.

      Wishing you all a happy and safe holiday season,