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      Voices of Instructure: Does Your Workplace Meet Basic Wheelchair Accessibility Standards?

      1. Can folks in wheelchairs get from their car into your building?

      Many buildings don't have adequate disabled parking and curb cuts. Does yours? Can someone in a wheelchair get through the front door(s) by themselves?

      2. Does your building have an elevator?

      You’d be surprised how many multi-story buildings don’t have elevators and adequate signage indicating the location of elevators.

      3. Is the elevator accessible?

      Can someone in a wheelchair reach the buttons for each floor and the emergency call button?

      4. Does your building have an emergency plan?

      Can people in wheelchairs safely exit your building in the event of a fire or evacuation order?

      5. Are bathrooms accessible?

      Can someone in a wheelchair find the bathroom by themselves? Can they open the door and enter by themselves? Is there a stall that is accessible? Are the sink, mirror, and hand dryer low enough?

      6. Are meeting spaces accessible?

      Are tables and desks too high or low for a wheelchair to pull up to? Are conference rooms accessible?

      Conduct an audit

      One of the best things you can do is ask someone in a wheelchair to go through all of these activities with you and highlight which ones are problematic.