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      Using Canvas For Young Learners

      Students are returning to physical classrooms, but the digital classroom is here to stay. The use of learning management systems (LMS), so critical for remote learning in the pandemic, will continue to prove essential for schools.


      Are you just starting out with Canvas at the elementary level? Did you use Canvas as a digital classroom during the pandemic and plan to continue using it for in-person learning? Our new Canvas K-5 Toolkit offers actionable strategies for leading a meaningful Canvas LMS adoption in primary grades for teachers, students, and parents.

      A Canvas Toolkit for K-5 Educators and Administrators

      Even the youngest K-5 learners, who typically rely so heavily on in-person teaching tactics, reap benefits of using a LMS. These benefits include:

      • Keeping learning consistent across home and school
      • Centralizing parent communication, a necessity for younger learners
      • Setting a foundation for digital learning for years to come
      • Addressing common questions (What do I do? Can you help me?) to keep young learners on task

      The ABCs of Using Canvas for Little Learners

      In the Canvas K-5 Toolkit, you’ll learn the benefits of using a LMS both in and outside the classroom. You’ll also learn the ABCs of using Canvas for little learners and strategies for each step: 

      • Accelerate Teacher Buy-In: follow three simple steps for facilitating a meaningful Canvas adoption, one teacher at a time.
      • Build a One-Stop Shop for Learning: take learning beyond the classroom with integrated tools and mobile apps—all in one place.
      • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate: set clear expectations for students and keep parents informed.

      Tips from K-5 Canvas Champions

      To guide you in your Canvas journey, we went straight to experienced K–5 Canvas users for helpful strategies to get you started. In the toolkit, finds insight and tips including: 

      • The three most-loved and must-use Canvas communication tools
      • The “Fundamental Five” questions young learners ask and how Canvas answers them
      • How the K-5 Homeroom Dashboard mirrors a physical classroom experience
      • How to use Canvas Commons to curate content
      • How Canvas offloads teacher tasks to prevent reinventing the wheel each school year

      Canvas for K-5: Setting a Foundation for Equitable Learning

      Starting Canvas use at a young age not only streamlines the education experience now, it sets an equitable foundation for learning for years to come.  

      Ninety percent of US public school districts will leverage a combination of in-person and digital remote learning for instruction by year-end 2025. We cannot afford to leave our youngest learners behind. Now more than ever, our littlest learners need a platform that will enable them to take ownership of their learning in a growing digital world, while simultaneously keeping parents informed along the way. 

      Reading our K-5 Toolkit is the first step in creating that consistent, familiar “digital classroom” to maintain instructional continuity. Dive deep into the guide, or begin with a quickstart checklist, to ensure you are making the most of your K-5 Canvas experience. 

      Download the Canvas K-5 Toolkit