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Unicheck's AI-based Emma to Prevent Contract Cheating and Create Personal Learning Moments

Emma’s mission is to hold back contract cheating and boost original thinking among students. This integral part of the Unicheck plagiarism checker automatically verifies the authorship of student papers and shares her thoughts on their authenticity.

What is Emma all about?

Emma is a hassle-free, AI-powered assistant. She examines the writing styles of students and gives them an incentive to do their own work and release their own voice.

The assistant automatically launches the moment Unicheck's similarity check starts, so no extra setup or guidance is needed.

To extract the meaning of the text, Emma uses stylometry and natural language processing. This enables her to divide the text into linguistic and stylistic components and study the student’s voice in depth.

Similar to any AI software, Emma is constantly learning. She initially requires a few original texts written by the student that must be authentic since they train Emma. Three documents at about 300 - 1,000 words each should be enough for Emma to recognize the individual writing style of all subsequent submissions of the student.

Why Emma is a great helper

For educators:

Since educators have their hands full with manual tasks, Emma can be an invaluable time-saver. She streamlines the process of authorship verification and student grading and, together with a similarity check, starts verifying.

Emma has her own tab in the similarity report to share the assumptions. No manuals, no additional tools, no extra buttons. Everything happens automatically inside Unicheck’s plagiarism checker.

For students:

An ever-lengthening hunt for better grades puts students under a lot of stress, and written assignments are another big hurdle. Students are also often afraid of writing in their own voice. Emma can motivate them to overcome their fear and reach out to instructors for personal advice.

Additionally, Emma will be able to provide students with insightful analytics, helping them evaluate their language fluency and improve writing skills.

For administrators:

Rather than having a separate tool for authorship verification, Unicheck has embedded Emma into the similarity report. Since Emma works simultaneously with a similarity check and also launches automatically, administrators don’t have to spend time setting her up and explaining how she works to instructors.

By combining all these upgrades into one tool, Unicheck aims to provide maximum convenience.

The purpose behind Emma’s launch

We at Unicheck anticipate that Emma will help to prevent contract cheating and, more importantly, will help create personal learning moments for students. By providing authorship assumptions, she gives a sign that something goes wrong, meaning that a specific student needs advice on how to cope with the task on his/her own.

To get a feel for how Emma’s magic works, just drop us a line at or give us a call at +12819120548.