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Unicheck Plagiarism Prevention Service Has Migrated to Amazon Web Services

The Challenge:

Unicheck has always been a community-driven company. Our roadmap is shaped by educators, IT admins, and students’ feedback. This approach has allowed us to continuously deliver a top-notch service and develop our plagiarism prevention software, Unicheck, according to the needs of the users.

Since we are highly committed to our clients’ privacy and security, migrating to the world’s most reliable cloud platform, Amazon Web Services, was an obvious move. It helps us focus entirely on product improvements and fulfilling our customers’ needs because AWS already supplies the rest (data protection, security, and accessibility).


Serhii Tkachenko, CEO of Unicheck

“The primary goal of moving to AWS for us is to keep creating a seamless experience for our users with the ever-increasing speed of checking, zero interruptions, top tier security, and unlimited scalability.”

—Serhii Tkachenko, CEO of Unicheck

What moving to the Amazon cloud changes:

Even more protection for every user

The Amazon cloud supports the highest standards of data security, and they comply with current data protection regulations across the globe.

Instant scalability during high seasons

AWS’s auto-scaling technology adjusts Unicheck’s capacity, when necessary, enabling the generation and receival of numerous reports simultaneously with no slowdowns or glitches.

Up to 99.95% uptime

Unicheck has the highest service uptime rates (99.9% guaranteed by SLA) in the market, and since there is no limit to perfection, our goal is to increase that number to 99.95% so that all the customers can instantly access the system.

Multiple data centers

With availability zones spread across 21 geographic regions around the world, the Amazon cloud platform allows Unicheck to be hosted in Australia if the university resides there. The same goes for Europe, Canada, and literally every other region, with all regulation requirements met accordingly.

Cool new opportunities

AWS offers a great variety of features and technologies that promote higher agility and a faster path for innovation for any upcoming Unicheck improvements.

Benefits for our users:


- All of the institution's data is safely encrypted and hosted on the closest Amazon data center

- Storing data on the Amazon cloud is fully compliant with the latest data privacy standards


- The checker is accessible most of the time and responds to requests without interruptions

- Similarity reports are delivered on time regardless of the number of submissions checked simultaneously

IT admins

- Fully-automated scaling of the system during periods of peak load

- No unexpected downtime of the service and therefore zero related hassle


- Sensitive data like names, contact information, etc. is 100% safe and available for internal use of the institution only

- More new helpful features regularly launching due to the advanced capabilities provided by Amazon

If you’re interested in other aspects of Unicheck’s migration to the Amazon cloud, contact our team.