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Unicheck Announces a New Similarity Report to Improve Learning Outcomes

Unicheck, our plagiarism detection Alliance Partner, helps institutions around the world to raise well-educated and successful students. Recently, they rolled out a brand new, extended version of their similarity report that can empower educators and students to create valuable learning and teaching experiences that promote academic integrity, authorship, and proper citing.

“Upholding academic integrity is an ever-challenging goal. In a world where access to information is unlimited, we strive to educate students on ownership of ideas and help them polish their writing skills with integrated productivity tools”, said Serhii Tkachenko, CEO of Unicheck.

Therefore, the newest Unicheck enhancements enable:

- Improved student outcomes

Unicheck allows students to self-check their written assignments for potential plagiarism right in their LMS. Highlighting unoriginal or improperly cited content clearly shows which parts of the assignment require original thoughts or revision.

- Enhanced productivity for educators and administrators

Process bulk submissions with no slow-down at a stable 99.9% system uptime. Administrators can check the status of service availability anytime via the Unicheck status page ( Educators can be confident in meeting their deadlines when grading assignments while also freeing up more time for strategic and interesting educational tasks.

- Web accessibility that removes barriers

Unicheck interfaces are developed according to WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines and offer an inclusive experience for all categories of users, helping to create a better learning environment with equal opportunities.

Powered by feedback from the Canvas community, Unicheck’s upgraded similarity report has received a range of awesome features starting from a detailed view panel for investigating matches and commenting tool for instructors, to an extensive and interactive PDF report.

The latest Unicheck updates:

- Extended view panel. The tabs for "Matches," "Quotes," and "Exclusions" contain groups of similarity sources with active links and other important details. This information helps instructors investigate arguable aspects in more detail and interpret student results as accurately as possible.

- Safe browsing filter and notifications. Scanning reported links for safety helps to spot dangerous and explicit links in the report. To warn users about unreserved content, links to unsafe sources are marked with the red-colored “Unsafe link,” “Malicious site,” or “Explicit content” badges. These links are blocked to prevent students from catching nasty viruses or seeing direct straightforward resources in the educational context. Educators are notified before proceeding to an unsafe resource.

- Interactive feedback tool. The ability to leave comments makes receiving in-line feedback more convenient for students and allows educators to share their advice with learners while grading papers.

- Redesigned downloadable report. A PDF version of an online similarity report captures all information from the online reports and allows for grading on the go, sharing feedback with students and staff without any limitations.

At Unicheck we always strive to come up with useful updates based on the feedback we receive from educators, admins, and students.

Connect with our team to run a two-month free trial to see Unicheck in action or schedule a live demo. Stay tuned for more upcoming enhancements.

Keep learning,

Ivan Klymenko, Product Manager at Unicheck
Kate Nyzova, Copywriter at Unicheck