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The Study Hall

The Confessions of a Former Disorganized Student

Dear Reader,

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t always been the greatest student. It’s not that I didn’t like learning or that I hated school. I simply couldn’t stay organized to save my life. In middle school I was that kid, the one that never had a binder and just shoved papers into her backpack. I would be handed an assignment and within minutes it would be gone forever, lost in the abyss of my backpack. When I entered freshman year I knew something had to be changed. I was going from an underfunded public middle school to a private, Catholic, all-girls high school. I realized that my old approach to school would not work anymore; I had to learn how get my life together. This transition was made 20,000x easier because of Canvas

"Canvas is consistently the central tool in facilitating my learning experience."

Canvas is the best app on our school iPads. I’m serious, we have 50+ educational apps on our school iPads and Canvas outshines them all. It’s insanely easy to use and it streamlines my entire learning experience. Gone are the days of losing papers in my backpack; now with Canvas I don’t even have to bring a backpack to school, all I need is my iPad. All of my classes, assignments, and quizzes are finally in one central place. I haven’t forgotten or misplaced an assignment in years!

What especially excites me about Canvas is its ability to work with other edtech products. I can quickly get assignments from Canvas and export them to Notability or Drive to take notes and then export the notes back to Canvas to submit. It’s quick, easy, and painless. The average student attending a 1:1 school is constantly juggling different edtech products. But through all of these products, Canvas is consistently the central tool in facilitating my learning experience. Canvas has single-handedly changed my schooling experience and made me a better student. 

Trust me, Reader, Canvas is a game-changer. 

Keep learning,

Megan Milburn
Senior at Presentation High School (California)