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Showing Off the New Canvas UI

Educause 2015 has been a success so far and we’ve had a great time chatting with people about Canvas. We’ve been able to show off our new UI (User Interface) and the response has been great.



While we’ve been chatting it up in person here at the conference, we’ve also had some people give us a shout out over Twitter.

#Edu15 Impressed with @coursenetwork's CN Post (social learning) @CanvasLMS #LTI integration

— Ed Garay (@garay) October 29, 2015

Well, thanks Ed, we like it too.

Really liking @CanvasLMS updates to the UI. Great work!

— JR (@gochemonline) October 26, 2015

That’s one reason I like to use Business Model Canvas w/ faculty & staff when thinking about hybrid/course (re)design. Useful tool. #EDU15

— Christopher S. Rice (@ricetopher) October 28, 2015

Happy to see the love for the new UI. If you have any questions make sure to reach out because we love giving you the answers.

Hopefully everyone has had a great time at Educause 2015, we know we have. Hit us up on Twitter and let us know what you think about the new UI and what you loved about Educause.

Keep learning,
The Canvas Team