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Scaling Just-in-Time Learning Support for Students

In the United States, 60% of higher education students arrive academically underprepared for college. These students need higher levels of support in order to progress and persist.

But the very people who are best suited to provide this support - instructors - have less and less time to give.  Many teach five courses each term, or are being asked to take on additional responsibilities, limiting their ability to keep up with an inbox full of student questions.

Students get caught in the middle. They have a hard time getting the help they need, when they need it.  As a result, many become frustrated, lose confidence, and ultimately, drop out.

As funding for education tightens and schools are under increasing pressure to reduce costs - the loss of these tuition dollars means fewer resources available to help struggling students.

How can schools break this cycle?

This is why we built InScribe. InScribe is designed to help institutions scale high quality learning support, without the need for additional resources.

InScribe works by connecting an institution’s existing educators and students into communities around specific subjects. These communities cut across traditional classroom boundaries - so individuals that used to work alone can now work as a team, answering each other’s questions and sharing knowledge. InScribe captures these valuable interactions and makes them reusable, class-over-class, and term-over-term.

InScribe’s Q&A Platform and Knowledge Bank offer seamless LTI integration into Canvas, right alongside your existing digital content.  This means they’re available 24/7 - anytime a student needs help. But unlike other apps, InScribe’s integration goes deeper. It knows what topic a student is working on and presents the community resources that are most relevant and most likely to help them get unstuck.

InScribe also shares valuable insights with faculty. InScribe can help identify struggling students, well before they take their first exam. These analytics allow instructors to target one-on-one student support more efficiently and effectively - further improving student outcomes.

When students get the support they need, when they need it, they are empowered to overcome academic challenges and stay in school.

If you would like to learn more about InScribe, please join us Wednesday, May 24th at 11am Mountain Time for a webinar where we will talk about key benefits and how InScribe is impacting student outcomes for our customers.

InScribe - because education is not a solo sport.

Keep Learning,

Katy Kappler
Co-founder and President, Crafted Education