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Say Hello to the Platform and Partnerships Team

Hello, Our Name Is Platform & Partnerships

Since school is back in session, you’re probably busy learning a lot of new names and faces. So while you’re at it, we decided to go ahead and introduce ourselves, too.

We’re the Platform & Partnerships team, and we work together to keep the Canvas platform open while we build partnerships with other edtech providers—all so you can build a customized learning environment that works best for those students you’re still meeting.

So, here’s a quick icebreaker session to help you remember who we are and what we do.


What’s your name and what do you do for the Platform & Partnerships team?

What was your most memorable learning moment?

Melissa Loble—

As VP of Platform & Partnerships, I lead the team, direct its priorities, help ensure Canvas is compliant with open standards for integrations, negotiate complex partnerships, and act as a public liaison at conferences and user groups.

“As an avid (maybe slightly obsessed) Crossfitter, I remember vividly learning how to do the standard Olympic lifts from a famous guru, Coach Mike Burgener. Even though he had over 100 people in the class, he designed the curriculum so that he could give every single person in the class at least one moment of personalized feedback. Talk about memorable!”

Troy Anderson—

As director of Platform & Partnerships, I

establish our partnership priorities, making strategic relationship decisions and focusing our efforts on tools that address our customers’ evolving needs.

“I was nine years old and our class went on a field trip to the planetarium, followed by an educational walk through dense Michigan woods. I think the reason I remember this so clearly is because the learning was completely immersive, and I believe that, in many ways, digital tools available now can simulate some of these real-life activities so that education is a more complete experience for today's learners.”

Katie Bradford

As our team’s marketing guru, I lead joint marketing efforts between Instructure and its partners and tell the world about the cool things going on in the educational ecosystem.

“I had the pleasure of traveling to Austria earlier this year, but I know very little German and found myself frequently asking people ‘Sprechen Sie Englisch?’—which I’m sure people found annoying. It’s scary to communicate with people in a different language, but by the time I left, I had gotten enough practice that I was able to hold a short conversation entirely in German and felt more confident in my ability to communicate while traveling abroad.”

Karl Lloyd—

As technical product manager, I design and implement the technical strategy for Canvas.

“I was lucky to have the same fabulous English teacher for my sophomore through senior years in high school. She instilled in me core principles on not only writing, but how to apply critical thinking to my writing process. These skills helped me breeze through my college-level English courses and I still find myself using those same skills I learned over 20 years ago today in my personal and professional life.”

Dave Nelson—

As partner manager, I maintain our ongoing relationships with Canvas partners, focusing specifically on partners that will benefit K-12 users of Canvas.

“I had a psychology professor who told the class on the first day that by the end of class we would be able to easily memorize the order of a shuffled deck of cards. After some cool tips and tricks and a short explanation about how memory works, about half of the class was able to do it with only around 20 minutes to practice. My mind was blown.”

Jesse Poulos—

As partner integrations specialist, I’m the team problem-solver, working with our partners as they build their integrations and helping them solve technical problems related to the integration process.

“I had been delegated to proctor an exam for my master’s adviser at 9:00 a.m. and I woke up to my wife yelling ‘It's 8:50!’. To the students’ disappointment, I arrived with exams in hand at 9:01am, breathless, after hitting every green light and sprinting from the car to class.”

Kenzi Egan—

As partnership coordinator, I manage ongoing relationships with many of our partners, with a focus on building our Bridge partner program. I’ve also been leading the charge to implement our brand-new partner portal for release later this year.

“One summer during college, in the shadow of the Dolomites, in the tiny Italian town of Campel (population 200), I had the privilege of seeing the house where my great-grandmother was born and raised. I learned about her cheerful and hardworking demeanor and studied the land she lived off of. That summer I learned what I was made of, which could be the most important lesson I learned in college.”

Have questions for our team or want to get to know us a little better? Join us for our monthly office hours, where you can chat with us live and get all your questions answered. The first session is scheduled for Thurs., Sept. 15 (tomorrow!) at 2 p.m. Mountain time. RSVP and find connection information at the CanvasLIVE page in the Community.

Keep learning,
The P&P Team