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Prolaunch Releases Canvas proHelp Free For Teachers

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Last week at Sydney 2019 CanvasCon, Prolaunch announced a new release of proHelp, proHelp Basic, now available for free to provide a suite of help tools for teachers to greatly improve their Canvas experience.

proHelp plugs directly into the Canvas LMS and is easy to install with a single installation activating all teachers at an institution.

proHelp analyses thousands of Canvas help documents and identifies the most useful to your needs. Critical help documents are matched with corresponding features within the Canvas LMS, and markers placed in precise locations containing direct links to official help documentation.

While the Canvas help documentation is extensive, it can be difficult to navigate. proHelp puts extra help markers on virtually every Canvas page, especially in problematic areas such as Settings, Quizzes, and Assignments, so you can get help fast.

Help markers are also available for students in the subscription version 'proHelp Enterprise', allowing teachers to concentrate on teaching the curriculum instead of answering questions on LMS usage.

Installing proHelp into your Canvas instance can help reduce support calls and queries from students, and updates teachers on new features and best practices.

proHelp Enterprise also allows for customizations to help you organize your Canvas Instance just the way you like it, such as hiding items on a page or inserting designer buttons in unique locations.

It is easy to get started. Visit the proHelp website to install a free version for teachers or request a trial of proHelp Enterprise that includes student help and customizations.