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      Personalize Your Competency-Based Education With Micro-Credentials

      Across the country, educators are seeking opportunities to personalize their professional learning. Research suggests the traditional professional learning methods—typically one-size-fits-all and top-down—don’t meet the needs of today’s educators or their students. 

      Micro-credentialing is a promising pathway to personalizing learning for educators. They provide competency-based education for the skills educators learn throughout their careers, regardless of where and how they learned them. They create the opportunity for educators to reach specific, action-oriented goals and direct their professional learning in their classrooms and on their schedules.

      An educator earns a micro-credential—in the form of a digital badge—by collecting and submitting evidence to demonstrate competence in a discrete, research-backed skill, making learning more relevant and meaningful.

      Since 2014, Digital Promise has been building an innovative ecosystem of micro-credentials in partnership with educators, school districts, states, and professional development organizations. On our Micro-credential Platform, educators at all levels can access more than 400 competency-based micro-credentials that capture research-backed skills. These micro-credentials are developed, assessed, and awarded by more than 50 partner organizations—ranging from institutes of higher education to non-profit organizations and county offices of education.

      This summer, Digital Promise is partnering with Instructure to offer micro-credentials to educators during the InstructureCon 2019 pre-conference sessions. These sessions will provide educators with many opportunities to sharpen or gain new skills to improve teaching and learning. Session topics include redefining instruction with digital tools, technology-rich professional development, blended learning, personalized instruction, and data-driven assessment.

      The pre-conference sessions align with Digital Promise micro-credentials, featuring key learnings that are backed by educational research. The participants in these sessions will have time to use Canvas and other integrated technology tools to work on creating competency-based education with micro-credentials. When successfully earned, micro-credentials are delivered in the form of an open badge, which can then be shared by the participant for recognition from their institutions.

      Find the micro-credential that’s right for you on Digital Promise’s Micro-credential Platform. To learn more, visit our website or email me to schedule a demo.

      Keep learning,

      Odelia Younge
      Senior Project Director, Educator Micro-credentials, Digital Promise