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      Pandemic Learning: Where Do We Go from Here

      At Instructure, we have always been amazed at the incredible educators, administrators and students that we get to work with. The pandemic has put a microscope on education, and we commend educators for all you have done. This has not been easy, but we are honored to work with and learn from you. Thanks for all you do. For #DLDay this year, we are celebrating with our friends at Broward. During this session, we will be highlighting some of the incredible teaching and learning that is taking place at their institution. Join Melissa Loble, Chief Customer Experience Officer for Instructure and Mark Boothe as they pay tribute to educators and then discuss where we go from here. We will discuss the following: 1 -- how to humanize the learning experience; 2 -- the need for taking risks, failing, learning, and growing; 3 -- and a new paradigm for how we work with technology. For more Videos & Insights, visit the Instructure Study Hall: Get Canvas for Dummies: Everything You Need to Know! Interested in Canvas LMS? Get more info here: Check out the Canvas Community for more tips! Listen to the Canvascasters wherever you get your podcasts! Follow us on Social Media! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: #Canvas #EdTEch