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New to K–12 Blended Learning?

The edtech industry has given rise to several buzzwords in recent years, including “gamification,” “storyboarding,” “MOOCs” (one we especially appreciate here at Canvas Network), and “blended learning.”

Simply put, blended learning is the method of delivering courses with a mixture of online techniques and face-to-face teaching. A U.S. Department of Education study showed that students in blended learning courses outperformed students in face-to-face courses and those who took fully online courses. Getting started with blended learning methods may not be so simple, but we’re here to help with that training.

Canvas Network is hosting the free(!) Relay Series from the Relay Graduate School of Education for teachers, which is based in New York City with locations throughout the United States. These courses are designed to increase student engagement, understand personalized learning methods, and create engaging content. 

“This course is teaching me about something that is entirely new to me! My professional goal is to always be up to date with new technology in my classroom and never be afraid to try something new!” 

—Participant in Relay Series blended learning courses

These self-paced courses include:

Beginning to Blend
Learn about key mindsets you'll need to be successful. You'll leave this course with four blended "recipes" you can implement in your classroom immediately.  

Rolling Out Blended
Begin the process of becoming a blended-learning leader in your community. Build action steps, find case studies and other resources, and discover ways to engage teachers and parents.  

Teaching Each Student
Analyze data from your classroom and apply that data to the needs of your school and the individual challenges that your students face.

Administrators and educators, if you’ve been wondering about the benefits of blended instruction and personalized learning, now is the time to start realizing them. Your commitment to these courses can set a new path for your design and teaching.

Don’t forget to check out the dozens of other free professional-development courses through Canvas Network’s educator catalog. Simply go to and select the Educator Catalog category under the search bar. 

Keep learning,

Hilary Melander
Manager of Canvas Network