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      Meet Sofia—she knows math, and if you need help, she can connect you to your teacher or a live tutor.

      Sofia logo

      Sofia empowers faculty and instructional designers to build real math assignments. Sofia includes over 7,000 algorithmic assessment items spanning arithmetic through precalculus (with Calc I coming this spring), and Sofia access is school-wide. This enables the creation of as many (or as few) assignments needed to support math across the curriculum—including traditional and online courses, summer bridge, accelerated and corequisite courses, CBE, and math refreshers for other disciplines/pathways.

      Powerful and innovative math assignments

      Students log in to Canvas, go to their course, and work on their next assignment. The assignment loads in the Canvas frame, displaying fully interactive, algorithmic questions that include hints, stepped-out solutions, and engaging answer types such as expression evaluation and graphing.

      If a student “gets stuck” on a problem, they have an option to ask their instructor (with ability to “show my work” using the Pisces online math whiteboard coming soon) or visit a live tutor at NetTutor. When students finish their assignment, the grades immediately become available in the Canvas gradebook.

      Sofia question from within Canvas

      Sofia question from within Canvas

      NetTutor live tutorial

      With the “Live Help” Feature, the Question Travels with the Student into NetTutor

      Textbook independent

      Schools can extend math/quantitative literacy beyond LMS functionality without dependence on expensive text-specific tools. Using Sofia for math assignments gives faculty and instructional designers freedom of curricular choice (including the opportunity to embrace OER, especially open textbooks) without having to rebuild all of the assignments every term.

      Direct integration with Canvas

      To students, a Sofia assignment looks like every other Canvas assignment—they see it in their calendar, assignments, and gradebook. Sofia’s unmatched depth of integration within Canvas means students and faculty work entirely within the LMS—which meets FERPA compliance like no other external tool experience. Sofia’s LTI integration is also straightforward for administrators to install and maintain.

      Save time and see results

      At Cypress Bay High School in Broward County, Florida, math teachers have introduced Sofia to hundreds of their students. Over 2,000 assignments have been taken so far this school year—six weeks in, with five participating instructors. “The more practice they have the better, and the better for us, grading less and leaving us the time to do what we do best: to teach!” shared Ariel Maldonado.

      Supports institutions’ equity goals with day-one access

      An institutional license of Sofia removes the cost burden from students and gives them access to their coursework on the first day of classes. Sofia is free for teachers and costs institutions: $20/FTES for Higher Ed or $10/FTES for K12.

      LSI is offering a 2019-20 package that also includes two hours of NetTutor for $39 per term.

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      Richard Meade
      VP, Academic Partnerships