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      MDLman & Canvas: The Secret to Successful Data Migration

      The modern LMS is a sophisticated tool that can help you inspire, engage, and develop students or staff. However, inaccurate data limits LMS performance, reporting, and end-user engagement. Whether you're moving courses from one legacy LMS to another or simply populating your existing LMS with new information, accurate and correctly formatted data is a prerequisite for success—and one that's frequently misunderstood and overlooked. MDLman is a data-quality and migration service focused on helping institutions and companies streamline this vital function.

      Don’t Let Data Issues Derail Your Migration Project

      Without a clear plan of action for moving data from one platform to another, your LMS implementation plan might experience significant delays. To avoid what we call “data shock”—that overwhelming feeling of inconvenience when inaccurate data has derailed your process—we recommend approaching your data migration with a clear plan of action. Not sure where to begin? That’s where MDLman comes in.

      Data Migration–A Blueprint for Success

      Over many successful assignments, MDLman has developed an automation software called MDLresolver that dramatically improves the speed at which data can be selected, analyzed, cleaned, mapped, transformed, and migrated from any legacy system to the new target system, including Canvas LMS. Working with the MDLman team allows you to fully understand the main steps involved in a migration process, as well as the time and resources you'll need to allocate to this critical part of your project. Our team is committed to meeting your needs by offering a variety of support ranging from simple advisory services to managing the whole process for you. A more detailed overview of our approach is detailed in our Data Migration–Best Practice Guide. 

      Data Quality–It’s a Way of Life

      A widely accepted belief by institutions is that once the migration stage is completed, data is no longer a concern. With the expectation that data can and will deteriorate over time, we recommend you develop and maintain a long term plan to uphold data integrity. Don’t worry, you won’t have to go it alone! MDLman can support your data initiatives long after your migration is complete, so you can enjoy all of the benefits your LMS has to offer.

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