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LTI Advantage and the Latest with IMS Global

Greetings! I am excited to share some of the latest announcements, events, and releases in the standards world so we can continue to work together to drive innovation. Bring on the news!

LTI Advantage

IMS Global Learning Consortium announced its new LTI® program, LTI Advantage. Check out their official early adopter announcement (which includes Instructure) and their open letter from edtech leaders supporting a drive towards certification. For those of you unfamiliar with LTI Advantage, here is a quick list of the benefits it brings to educational institutions and technology suppliers alike. LTI Advantage provides:

-An open and innovative foundation for seamlessly integrating technologies in a learning ecosystem,

-A trusted security framework that enables deeper integrations in a modern way,

-Access to more meaningful data to be consumed and visualized by a variety of analytics tools,

-And a more mobile-friendly approach to standardizing the way multiple technologies talk to one another.

As the year progresses, expect to see more vendors, like Instructure, lead the implementation path forward for LTI Advantage. We are already collaborating with some of our closest partners to make LTI Advantage a reality as soon as possible for all of you.

IMS Global Learning Impact Leadership Institute

Every year, IMS Global hosts a great conference in which educational institutions and technology vendors come together to recognize successes from the past year, award innovation in teaching and learning, and talk about our joint future. This year was full of energy around LTI Advantage, 1EdTech, and the new Academic Standards Registry. From hackathons to expert panels, and all sorts of sessions in between, it definitely showed the industry’s commitment to not just crafting interoperability standards, but also in ensuring that the standards are supported, adopted, and thriving. Good stuff.

So what does this mean for you, and for us? To keep it simple, the more folks that shape, implement, and rally around the standards, the more effective they will be. The more effective the standards are, the more effective we are in educating our learners. Not a bad way to start the summer, right?

As always, if you have any thoughts, ideas, or questions relating to Instructure’s participation in IMS Global activities or our support of standards, do not hesitate to reach out to me at As you can tell, I will happily chat with anyone anytime about open standards.

Keep learning,

Melissa Loble

VP, Professional Services, Partnerships, and Platform

Instructure, Inc.